Follow the experts to dig treasures from Calgary Winners

There is everything in Calgary Winners, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, makeup and skin care products, furniture and bedding, kitchen supplies, groceries, etc., Winners is an out-of-season store. Usually the products here are well known brands, and there are some high end brands hidden in it. Givenchy, Versace, Michal Kors and other popular brands also appear from time to time, in short, it is a good place to dig treasures.

Anyone who enters Winners will dig up good things and become ‘winners’. It is really a good name for the store. If you spend time there, you will definitely not come out empty-handed. You will easily find surprise there and it is always better than shopping at outlets.


7 tips to save money on shopping at Winners

1. Popular branches
Choose Winners located in areas with more population or high spending power to find good things more easily! For example, it is easier to see designer brands in stores located in the city center.

2. Follow Winners activities
Winners will have some promotion events from time to time. You can follow their Facebook page to get the latest information.

3. Choose big brands
Usually there is a huge difference in the price of branded products when compare to its original retail price, it can be super value for money like a hooded Tee for only $14.99.

4. Go shopping early
The real goodies are rare and hidden among other common items. We all know limited editions can be brutal, so it’s best to go when they first open and do a thorough search.

5. Pay attention to the special red label
Employees scan all the labels, remove discounted items from the shelves, and put small red stickers on them. Remember, the red sticker is the ultra-low price clearance.

6. Go straight to clearance zone
The first stop is to go to the “Clearance” zone to hunt for treasures first. The products here are more than half the price on the shelf, but some of the cleared products are damaged or defective. You should be aware of that.

7. Confirm with the shop assistant on site if further discounts are available
Staff are very careful about labeling markdowns, but many customers will still try to get a bigger discount. If you want to double-check that an item hasn’t been discounted any further, you can ask the people who work there. Employees can view and confirm.