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Jully Wang

Jully is the founder of Nexus Immigration & Recruitment, and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) with over two decades of experience working in the creative, medical and corporate industries.

Jully has extensive knowledge of the Canadian immigration system and provides her clients with personalized solutions for their migration needs.  She is committed to accountability, problem-solving, and strategic planning for personal or corporate immigration situations.


Demi Wang

Demi is the Operation Director and the Senior Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) of Nexus Immigration & Recruitment.  With Demi’s in-depth corporate management background and knowledge of the immigration policies, she is a strong liason with the Government of Canada when advocating client file approvals.

Demi is excellent in offering personalized advice and guidance to her clients through the complex regulations of the Canadian Immigration system.

Business Development Manager


Experienced Business Development Manager with 5 years of experience, bringing forth valuable industry experience for management. Results oriented with a proven track record of improving the market position of a company and maximizing opportunities for financial growth. Adept in analytical thinking, strategic planning, leadership, and building strong relationship with business partner.

General Manager

Martina Chan

With over 20 years of work experience, Martina is a general business management professional with extensive experience in managing the overall operation and leading the teams to achieve the company goal.     

Martina has been the senior management of one of the public-listed companies in Hong Kong, showing her expertise in project management, strategic planning and business development. Her priority has always been to ensure customer satisfaction and excellent work quality, which has led to great success and recognition in the industry.

Regional Manager

Georgia Jaw

Georgia is our regional manager, who has over a decade of experiences working with numerous business partners and clients all over the world in the international business development industry, also specializes in customer-oriented service planning.

Most people find her to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. With her multicultural skills and international exposure, Georgia bestows an enhanced appreciation for people from various backgrounds, and is adept to both understand and empathize with the needs of our immigrant clientele.