Study Permit

Canada is one of the best 10 countries for international students to pursue their studies at every level from elementary, secondary, post-secondary/undergraduate, post-graduate, and up to graduate level of studies. Canada is a nation rich of multiculturalism and multiculturalism. By coming to study in Canada, you can meet and make friends with people from overall the world while pursuing your study in a world-class education environment.

Beginning at the post-secondary/undergraduate level, students enrolled in eligible programs at qualified learning institutes may have a chance to work part-time on-campus and/or off-campus during the regular semester and work full-time during inter-semester breaks (e.g. winter break, summer semesters, etc). Upon the success of completing the eligible program at qualifying institutes, you may be qualified for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). A PGWP is an LMIA exempted Open Work Permit that allows an individual to apply their skill sets, which may be learned from schools, or anywhere in Canada. This can help an individual to build people network, further experience life in Canada, and have better ideas about where to move on.