5 of Calgary’s Most Cost-Effective All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants

Today, Nexus has specially selected 5 restaurants with excellent value-for-money all-you-can-eat options. Recently, the range of inflation in Calgary has been reflected in the dining scene, causing many home cooks to feel the pinch when shopping at supermarkets. Large families, in particular, find it challenging. With the rising cost of cooking at home and the added time investment, treating oneself to a good meal seems like a better option. Grab your appetite and enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

1.Buffet Yangtze

Yangtze Restaurant in Calgary is a well-known Chinese buffet located in the heart of downtown Calgary. Renowned for its wide variety of Chinese cuisine, including traditional Sichuan, Cantonese, and Hunan dishes, as well as a range of exquisite dim sum and desserts. The restaurant boasts a spacious and comfortable environment with elegant decor, making it an ideal venue for family gatherings, friends’ get-togethers, or business dinners

Address:4190, 901 64 Ave NE D, Calgary, AB T2E 7P4, Canada
Cost:C$21.95/ppl ~ C$33.95/ppl

2. Gogi Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ buffet offers marinated beef slices, marinated chicken and pork belly, spicy rice cakes, stone pot bibimbap, and more. It’s always crowded, doesn’t accept reservations, so it’s best to call ahead to confirm availability.

Cell:(403) 452-3272
Address:4608 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2G 5E8

3. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

The Canadian chain “Happy Lamb Hot Pot” has expanded to multiple locations, proving the unmatched love of Chinese people for hot pot. They offer a self-service hot pot experience with unlimited condiments and use fresh local ingredients, ensuring customers enjoy a high-quality hot pot dining experience. Affordable prices and high-quality service have made “Happy Lamb Hot Pot” the top choice for many hot pot enthusiasts.

Cell:(403) 475-6889
Address:999 36 St NE Unit 100A, Calgary, AB T2A 2Z5

4. Gray Eagle Casino Buffet & Restaurant

Grey Eagle Casino’s buffet restaurant offers a diverse selection of cuisine, making it a popular choice due to its abundant buffet and excellent service. Known for its fresh ingredients and exquisite cooking, the buffet includes a variety of main dishes, salads, desserts, and delicious grilled foods. Additionally, the buffet restaurant at Grey Eagle Casino provides various beverages and alcoholic drinks, making it suitable for sharing a meal with family, friends, or colleagues. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying dining experience or a leisurely entertainment venue, Grey Eagle Casino’s buffet restaurant can meet your needs.

Cell:(403) 385-3777
Address:3777 Grey Eagle Dr, Calgary, AB T3E 3X8
Cost:C$8.99/ppl ~ C$49.99/ppl

5. Sushi & Kitchen

Sushi & Kitchen is a buffet restaurant that specializes in offering a variety of sushi and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant provides fresh and delicious sushi, sashimi, California rolls, and other traditional sushi dishes. Additionally, there are various hot dishes such as tempura shrimp, grilled meats, and barbecue items available. Moreover, the restaurant offers refreshing appetizers like salads, soups, and desserts, allowing customers to enjoy a wide range of Japanese food in one place.

Cell:(587) 777-9999
Address:5620 Signal Hill Centre SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3P8
Cost:C$30/ppl ~ C$40/ppl