Winter Fun in Canada: What to Do?

Embrace the winter wonder of Canada, often hailed as the ‘Land of Snow.’ Contrary to the misconception of a frozen landscape, the Canadian winter unfolds a tapestry of exciting activities that promise warmth and joy.

Join the editor on a journey to explore the vibrant experiences awaiting you in Canada during the winter season. Let’s plan a trip that’s not just memorable but also filled with cozy moments amidst the cold!

Northern Lights in Yellowknife

For prime Aurora chasing, Yellowknife stands out as a top choice! With an impressive 80% chance of witnessing the Aurora throughout the year, the success rate is notably high. The peak Aurora season spans from September to April annually, making November-December the optimal time to embark on this celestial adventure.

Dreamy bubble lake

Abraham Lake, nestled between Banff and Jasper National Parks, showcases a rare phenomenon. Plant-released gases from the lake bed ascend as temperatures drop, freezing into mesmerizing bubbles on the colder lake surface. As the weather further chills, these bubbles accumulate, crafting a stunning winter spectacle!

Winter wildlife

Beyond hibernating grizzly bears, winter in national parks teems with activity. Snow hares, snow geese, arctic foxes, arctic wolves, bobcats, and other creatures can be spotted foraging in the woods. Drive slower for a better chance of encountering these animals while exploring the snowy landscapes.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Since its inception in 1894, the Quebec Winter Carnival has seamlessly blended tradition and modernity, culture and folk customs, entertainment and food. Over the past century, this annual celebration has turned the elegant ancient city into a captivating stage, drawing millions of tourists worldwide every winter.

Experience life in ice and snow

The Arctic Circle region preserves its pristine features and abundant wildlife. In the right season, the breathtaking Aurora graces the sky. Yukon, renowned for historical landmarks, a vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, offers a unique touch with encounters with local residents. Experience the exclusive charm that defines this extraordinary destination!

Hot Spring in winter

Warm up at Wild Creek Hot Springs and heated pools if the chill sets in. Canada offers numerous natural and man-made hot springs, providing a cozy retreat during the cold season. Indulge in a bath, a massage, yoga, or friendly conversation. Enjoy picturesque views of snow-capped mountains, forests, and lakes while basking in warmth and comfort.