What do you know about soft and hard water?

Calgary soft and hard water is a common topic. Friends who have just arrived in Calgary, have you noticed that your skin becomes dry, itchy, and sensitive, and your hair will fall out more seriously than before? In addition to the changing living environment, different eating habits, dry weather, etc., it is more likely to be a water quality problem!

Due to the geographical environment, except for the maritime provinces in Canada, most of the water supply in most cities is hard water. Hard water can be used to shower flowers and plants, but if it is used indoors such as showering, washing dishes, cleaning furniture, clothes, and household appliances that require water such as humidifiers, washing machines, etc., the benefits and effects of soft water are better than using hard water.

Have you paid attention to these situations when using hard water?
  • Bathroom tiles leave soap stains and are difficult to clean
  • White limescale in the shower head hole in the bathroom
  • Cups and saucers leave water stains after cleaning
  • When boiling water, a layer of white scale will condense on the bottom of the pot
  • When brewing tea, a layer of white powder will appear on the surface of the tea and float on the water surface
What are the benefits of soft water?
  • Address dry skin after showering
  • Reduce eczema, skin sensitivity, and itching
  • May soften hair and reduce hair fall
  • Clothes will be soft and clean after washing
Do you need better water quality for home use?
  1. Water Softener System
    To convert hard water to soft water, use a water softener connected to your home’s water system. Filtered water drains minerals that contain hardness. The water softener is usually placed near the water pipe in the Basement furnace room. Pours a bag of soft water salt into the water softener to the specified position, when the soft water salt is lower than the specified level, it needs to be refilled again.
  2. Reverse Osmosis Systems
    Buying a water filter jug here is more economical, but don’t forget that the filter element needs to be replaced regularly. Families with young children often choose water filtration systems to remove chemicals, biological pollutants, and suspended solids and gases from the water. Both methods are commonly used in Calgary.
  3. Water Quality Test Meter
    After installing the filtration system for a while, you may want to check the water quality regularly. You can buy a water quality tester to know accurately the index and replace the water filter element and other devices if it’s below the standard.