Victoria Day: How Calgarians Celebrate

History of Victoria Day:  This holiday was established to commemorate the birthday of Queen Victoria of Britain. It is sometimes called the May Long Weekend and is considered the unofficial start of the summer season in Canada. You might think, wow, this queen must have been adored to have her own holiday in Canada! Indeed, Queen Victoria’s reign, known as the Victorian era, had a profound impact on Canadian history and culture.

How Calgarians Celebrate Victoria Day

  1. Victoria Day Fireworks display: In the evening, the skies of Calgary will light up with fireworks, shining like Queen Victoria’s royal crown.
  2. Picnics and family gatherings: On this day, Calgarians gather in parks and by lakes for outdoor picnics.
  3. Concerts and performances: Want to show off your singing chops at the Victoria Day bash? Calgary’s concerts and performances are not to be missed!
  4. Sporting events and recreational activities: In Calgary, we blend British elegance with athletic enthusiasm. You can usually find some marathons, bike races, and kayaking events on Victoria Day.
  5. Charity events: On this special day, we also remember to care for our community. Participate in various charity events, spreading love to everyone.
  6. Art and cultural festivals: Don’t miss Calgary’s art and cultural festivals! Visit local artist exhibitions, watch theatrical performances, and embrace the enchanting history of Canada and Calgary.
  7. So, dear friends, are you ready to celebrate Victoria Day to the fullest? Have a wonderful Victoria Day!