Popular beauty stores in Calgary

It is a woman’s nature to love beauty, so where to buy cosmetics and skin care products must be very important to you who have just arrived. The common beauty brands in China can be found in almost all the beauty stores here, and the prescriptions written by doctors can also be taken as long as there is a pharmacy in the store. Let’s take a look at the popular beauty stores in Calgary:


Founded in Vancouver in 1945, it is a Canadian retail store that sells daily necessities, small appliances, consumer electronics, cosmetics, groceries, etc. There is a pharmacy in LONDON DRUGS, where all prescription drugs can be picked up, and some stores also have post offices. At present, there are about 80 branches in Canada, with more than 7,000 employees.   


SHOPPERS is like Taiwan’s Kang Shimei, which has everything from daily necessities, branded perfumes, and livelihood products to beverages and snacks. SHOPPERS has a “point system”. You can collect points when you buy things with a membership card. There are pharmacies in SHOPPERS where all prescriptions can be picked up, and some stores also have post offices.


REXALL is also a drug store, similar to SHOPPERS and LONDON DRUGS, but the number of stores is relatively small. It cooperates with Air Miles, and you can accumulate points for consumption. It mainly sells beauty makeup and daily necessities. There is a pharmacy in the store, and all prescription drugs can be picked up here. There are many types of drugs, and it is considered a drugstore.


A large beauty channel brand opened its first store in New York, USA in 1998. SEPHORA can be said to be the leader of e-commerce beauty stores, holding more than 200 brands, and its business scope includes cosmetics, skincare, body beauty, fragrance, make-up, and hair care products. SEPHORA also has its own makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and accessories, and there is “at least one store in every mall”, which can be said to be seen everywhere.