Must-have for International Students and New Immigrants: The Taste of Home at Calgary Supermarkets!!

As Canada is a major immigration country, the selection of supermarkets is also very diverse. To our friends living in North America, we believe your cooking skills have improved greatly. Local restaurants generally charge a starting price of at least CAD 50 for a meal for two, excluding tips. Therefore, buying groceries and cooking at home has become a daily routine for new immigrants and locals alike. Nexus has compiled information about local supermarkets, each of which offers periodic promotions, showcasing a frugal spirit and helping save money.

What’s Michelin compared to? With a little effort, anyone can be a master chef!

Local Supermarkets:

1. Safeway

Safeway is one of the well-known chain supermarkets in Canada and the United States, with multiple branches in Calgary. They offer a variety of food and household items at moderate prices, often with special offers. Safeway’s quality and service are highly recognized by customers and it’s a preferred choice for many in their daily shopping.

2. Real Canadian Superstore

If you’re looking for a high-value supermarket, locals will definitely recommend Real Canadian Superstore. It is a locally operated lifestyle supermarket that caters to both large and small families. Superstore supports local brands, offers affordable prices, frequent promotions, and a wide range of products from food to household items, including some Asian food options.

3. Costco

Costco is the second largest retailer in the United States and the seventh largest globally, operating on a membership basis. Its key feature is bulk purchases at affordable prices, attracting many large families and restaurants to shop at Costco. Large appliances, furniture, and popular health products, including those favored by the Chinese community, are often on special offer. Costco’s unlimited returns policy throughout the year is loved by both Westerners and Asians.

Asian or Ethnic Supermarkets:

1. T&T Supermarket

T&T Supermarket is the largest Asian supermarket, founded in 1993 by Taiwanese entrepreneurs Cindy Lee and her husband. They have created a chain of supermarkets specializing in Asian foods, initially catering to Asian immigrants but now also attracting Westerners who enjoy Asian cuisine due to its similar operation mode to Western supermarkets.

2. E-mart

E-mart is the largest Korean supermarket in Calgary, offering a wide range of Korean ingredients, soups, pots, kimchi, grilled meat, and more. If you want to cook an authentic Korean meal, you must visit E-mart. The supermarket also serves freshly made street snacks, completely authentic Korean cuisine. Must-buy items include Korean rice, authentic Korean kimchi, Korean sauces, and Korean ginseng, representing the most characteristic Korean foods.

3. Lambda Oriental Foods Supermarket

It is said to be the first Asian supermarket in Calgary and one of the few places selling fresh seafood. They offer a wide range of products including seafood, meat, vegetables, groceries, frozen foods, seasonal items, and more.

4. Lucky Supermarket

Although smaller than T&T, Lucky Supermarket has a wide range of Southeast Asian products and frozen foods. It is highly recommended for those who love Thai or Vietnamese cuisine.