Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

With its cost-effective and advanced educational system, Canada has long been a top destination for international students worldwide. As per the latest data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the country issued study permits to about 550,000 international students hailing from 184 different nations in 2022. The number of study permits issued annually has seen a steady uptick in recent years, reaching a record high of 800,000 active permits by the end of 2022. This rise in immigration has spurred an increased interest in understanding the labor market trends in Canada. A key question that often arises is: What are the ‘Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023’?

To address this, Randstad Canada, a leading recruitment, and HR services company, has published a list of the top 10 occupations for the year 2023. Despite economic fluctuations, Randstad Canada indicates that employers continue to hire across various sectors, signifying abundant opportunities for individuals with diverse skill sets. As e-commerce gained momentum in the wake of the pandemic, starting in 2022, this trend is projected to persist throughout 2023. This shift towards digital commerce has led employers to scout for roles such as digital marketing coordinators, customer service representatives, and business analysts, all essential for implementing robust digital strategies. Furthermore, the e-commerce boom has induced a domino effect, generating demand for various supply chain positions, including production supervisors, warehouse workers, and drivers.

1. Developers

Developers, specifically those in categories such as NOC 21232 (Software Developers and Programmers) and NOC 21234 (Web Developers and Programmers), are witnessing an unprecedented demand driven by the acceleration of digital projects due to the pandemic. Predictions suggest the creation of approximately 64,000 fresh job opportunities for programmers and interactive media developers by 2028, potentially leading to a nationwide deficit in this workforce. This encompasses areas like web development, cloud computing, Java, Python, and beyond. For instance, a frontend developer starting their career can anticipate an annual salary ranging between $64k and $84k, while individuals in senior roles could fetch anywhere from $90k to $155k.

2. Human Resources Managers

As per the 2021 NOC update, Human Resources Managers fall under the category of NOC 10011. Projections by the Canadian government anticipate approximately 49,000 vacancies within the HR sector by 2028, accounting for retirements and the creation of new roles. Given the promising outlook, those beginning their careers as HR managers could anticipate an annual salary bracket of $75k to $113k. Following five years of industry experience, this figure can potentially elevate to a range between $88k and $156k.

3. Mechanical Engineers

Echoing the high demand observed in numerous other STEM fields, Mechanical Engineers (NOC 21301) are experiencing significant demand across various Canadian regions. Projections indicate that by the year 2028, this sector will likely have around 11,000 unoccupied positions. In Canada, the average wage for Mechanical Engineers is approximately $40 CAD per hour, with provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia offering relatively higher remuneration rates.

4. Welders

Canada’s extensive manufacturing industry perpetually requires Welders (NOC 72106), given their indispensable contribution to the manufacturing process. With the median age of welders in Canada presently at 55, the need for these professionals is predicted to rise as an increasing number of blue-collar workers enter retirement. It is anticipated that there will be around 23,000 openings for welders by 2028. Welders are also cited as critical occupations in provinces such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

5. Accounting Technicians

The role of accounting technicians holds significant appeal in Canada, encompassing various positions such as accounting clerks (NOC 14200), bookkeepers (NOC 12200), accountants, auditors, and financial analysts (NOC 11100). In the year 2022, among the influx of new immigrants to Canada, an estimated 3915 individuals were predicted to be engaged in accounting technician roles, translating to one accounting technician for every 100 new arrivals.

6. Registered Nurses

Nurses in Canada are presented with promising career prospects. Their demand has been greatly amplified following the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a need for registered nurses that continues to soar. By the close of 2022, the country is projected to see a staggering 60,000 job openings for registered nurses (NOC 31301). Addressing this pressing need for healthcare professionals, the Canadian government has been proactive in reforming immigration policies. Numerous immigration programs have been introduced to attract registered nurses from overseas, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program and province-specific initiatives such as the EEBC Healthcare Professional Category and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. These programs have been designed to streamline the immigration process for skilled healthcare workers and help in the rapid filling of vacancies in the Canadian healthcare system.

7. Warehouse Workers

As the global population burgeons and consumer culture intensifies, there’s been an unprecedented surge in the demand for goods. This ongoing trend underscores a significant need for manpower across the entire supply chain, with a pronounced shortage being noted in the area of warehouse operations (NOC 14401). The first quarter of 2022 witnessed an all-time high in job openings for warehouse workers, with a staggering 950,000 vacancies recorded. This demand extends across the spectrum, encompassing both skilled and unskilled workers. It’s not just manual labor positions that are seeing an uptick; there’s also a growing need for warehouse managers and coordinators, logistics supervisors, inventory specialists, and other roles that require specialized skills. Despite the proliferation of automation in some aspects of warehouse operations, the human element remains critical, hence this increasing demand.

8. Customer Service Representatives

Roles in customer service, specifically Customer Service Representatives (NOC 62023), continue to offer a wealth of job opportunities along with substantial room for professional development. The pandemic has instigated a shift in the working model for this profession, with many representatives now able to operate effectively from the comfort of their own homes. The ability to adapt and proficiently navigate the company’s designated software platforms is a prerequisite for this remote working setup. This includes mastering various communication tools, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Moreover, having advanced digital literacy and exceptional interpersonal skills can position these professionals favorably in an increasingly virtual market. Beyond handling customer inquiries and complaints, they are now playing crucial roles in improving customer experiences, shaping brand reputation, and ultimately driving business success.

9. Drivers

Driving professions encompassing long-haul truck drivers, delivery drivers, and crane operators are experiencing a high level of demand in Canada. These roles present an appealing mix of competitive salaries and abundant job opportunities, with projections estimating over 50,000 vacancies emerging within the next five years. In fact, during 2022, the truck driving profession (NOC 73300) attracted a significant number of immigrants, with 3040 individuals choosing to relocate to Canada, earning it the sixth position among new immigrants by NOC category. Potential applicants seeking to immigrate and fill these positions typically need to meet a set of requirements. These include possessing at least a high school diploma, demonstrating proficiency in English with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 4 or higher, having relevant driving experience, and maintaining an overall good health status. As a result, these driving professions provide an attractive gateway for individuals seeking new opportunities and life in Canada.

10. Sales Assistants

Retail salespersons and visual merchandisers (NOC 64100) rank high among the sought-after skilled workers in Canada’s job market. Companies, particularly within the retail and hospitality sectors, are facing an urgent need to fill sales assistant roles. The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant disruption to these sectors, resulting in substantial talent loss due to business closures. Now, as the economy is in recovery, many companies are struggling to refill these vital sales positions. The situation has led to an increased demand for sales assistants to support business rejuvenation and accommodate consumer demand. Looking forward to 2028, it is projected that an astounding 120,000 job openings for sales assistants will materialize across the country. This significant demand offers promising job prospects for those interested in sales and merchandising roles in the vibrant Canadian market.

In conclusion, the Canadian job market presents numerous lucrative opportunities for a diverse range of professions, each offering a unique blend of rewards, growth prospects, and societal contributions. The future job landscape is being shaped by various factors, including digital transformation, the retirement of the current workforce, and the rise in consumer demand. The nation’s commitment to embracing international talent offers a promising prospect for individuals worldwide seeking to forge a new life in Canada. The wide spectrum of in-demand roles, from developers and HR managers to nurses and warehouse workers, illustrates Canada’s dynamic and inclusive job market. Regardless of your profession, Canada is a land of opportunities and is ready to welcome you with open arms. If you are considering making a move, now might be the right time to turn that thought into action. Prepare, plan, and take that first step towards a promising career and a rewarding life in Canada.