Best places for tobogganing and sledding in Calgary

Welcome to Calgary’s winter wonderland, where the hills echo with laughter and the thrill of icy adventures! Get ready to embark on a frosty escapade as we guide you through the best tobogganing and sledding spots in Calgary.

Calgary transforms into a snowy playground for winter enthusiasts, offering picturesque landscapes and slopes that promise an adrenaline-packed experience. Whether you’re a seasoned sledder or a first-timer ready to carve icy memories, Calgary has the hills, chills, and thrills to make your winter unforgettable.

So, bundle up, grab your sled, and join us on a frosty expedition as we unveil the top spots for tobogganing and sledding in the heart of Calgary. Get ready to slide into a world of snowy delight where the only thing colder than the snow is the rush of excitement on the slopes!

Big Marlborough Park

Big Marlborough Park, surrounded by three schools, is a popular Calgary tobogganing spot. A short walk into the greenspace reveals plenty of room for relaxed sledding with friends, family, and groups. Get ready for winter fun on this community tobogganing hill!


In Kingsland’s southwest community lies one of Calgary’s well-kept sledding gems. With an easy, gradual slope, it’s perfect for spending the entire day zooming down and quickly trudging back up for another exhilarating run. So, gear up for a day of speedy descents and speedy ascents on this fantastic sledding hill!

Confederation Park

Confederation Park, a beloved retreat for nature lovers in Calgary, is also a top tobogganing spot. With hills of varying difficulties, from gentle slopes to steep inclines offering thrilling speeds, it caters to sledding enthusiasts of all levels.

Hidden Valley

Just beyond the parking lot in Hidden Valley is an outdoor skating rink perfect for playing hockey or learning to skate. And behind the rink is one of Calgary’s fantastic tobogganing hills! This popular hill has a steep drop leading into a wide-open green space at the bottom.

New Brighton

The New Brighton area in the southeast of the city, is another great Calgary tobogganing hill that will give you the snowy thrills you’re looking for! North of the designated tobogganing hill are beautiful pathways that lead through the New Brighton Central Park and guide visitors alongside the pond.

Signal Hill

With a wide-open field, playground, and baseball diamond, there is plenty to do at the Signal Hill park. It is important to note that the space is not fenced in and runs alongside a road, so be sure you are sledding in the “safe sledding” zone!

St. Andrew's Heights

For an exciting sled adventure, head to St. Andrews Heights, one of Calgary’s best hills! Close to the University of Calgary, this steep and advanced slope ensures a thrilling ride. Safety is prioritized, with the area fenced off at the bottom to prevent contact with nearby roads.