ID: 2061

Active Date 2013-03-14
Job Title Inspector – Textile
Salary 19.27/hr, 40 hours/week
Job Type Full-time, Temporary
Location Calgary, AB
  • Examine natural, synthetic and hybrid textile, fabric, fur and leather garments or products for conformity to quality standards
  • Inspect and grade animal hides and pelts according to size, condition and weight
  • Verify fit or size of finished garments and products by measuring or comparing products with samples and patterns
  • Mark defects, repair minor imperfections, cut excess materiel using scissors, and remove lint and spots using brushes, lint removers and cleaning solutions
  • Grade and sort finished products and tag according to size, style and quality
  • Record information on products inspected
  • May package products.

ID: 2060

Active Date 2013-03-14
Job Title Cook’s Helper
Salary 20.00/hr, 40 hours/week
Job Type Full-time, Temporary
Location Calgary, AB
  • Wash and peel vegetables and fruit
  • Wash work tables, cupboards and appliances
  • Remove trash and clean kitchen garbage containers
  • Unpack and store supplies in refrigerators, cupboards and other storage areas
  • Sweep and mop floors, and perform other duties to assist cook and kitchen staff.

ID: 2059

Active Date 2013-03-14
Job Title Cannery Labourer- Fish Processing
Salary 11.35/hr, 40 hours/week
Job Type Full-time, Temporary
Location Airdrie, AB
  • Unload fish and shellfish from fishing vessels and transport them by hand or forklift truck to work area in fish processing plant
  • Immerse fresh fish fillets in brine solution to condition them for wrapping or freezing
  • Weigh fish or shellfish, record weight and pack fish in ice
  • Sort fish according to species, weight and destination
  • Clean work areas and equipment
  • Transport supplies and packaging materials throughout plant and storage area manually or with powered equipment
  • Measure and dump ingredients into hoppers of mixing and grinding machines.

ID: 2058

Active Date 2013-03-14
Job Title Cleaning Supervisor
Salary 11.00/hr, 50 hours/week
Job Type Full-time, Temporary
Location Edmonton, AB
  • Supervise and co-ordinate the work of light duty, industrial or specialized cleaners and janitors
  • Inspect sites or facilities to ensure established safety and cleanliness standards are met
  • Recommend or arrange for additional services required such as painting, repair work, renovations or replacement of furnishings and equipment
  • Hire and train cleaning staff
  • Prepare work schedule and co-ordinate activities with those of other departments
  • Prepare budget, estimate costs and keep financial records
  • Receive payment for specialized cleaning jobs
  • May perform certain cleaning duties.

ID: 2057

Active Date 2013-03-14
Job Title Installer, Siding
Salary 12.56/hr, 40 hours/week
Job Type Full-time, Temporary
Location Calgary, AB
  • Read blueprints or work order specifications to determine layout and installation procedures
  • Measure and mark guidelines to be used for installations
  • Install, repair and service interior prefabricated products such as doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, water heaters and household appliances using hand and power tools
  • Install, repair and service exterior prefabricated products such as siding, shutters, awnings, fencing, decks, septic and irrigation systems, signs and play structures using hand and power tools.

ID: 2056

Active Date 2013-03-14
Job Title Bilingual Service Coordinator
Salary 26.44/hr, 40 hours/week
Job Type Full-time, Temporary
Location Edmonton, AB
  • Oversee and co-ordinate office administrative procedures and review, evaluate and implement new procedures
  • Establish work priorities, delegate work to office support staff, and ensure deadlines are met and procedures are followed
  • Carry out administrative activities associated with admissions to post-secondary educational institutions
  • Administer policies and procedures related to the release of records in processing requests under government access to information and privacy legislation
  • Co-ordinate and plan for office services, such as accommodation, relocations, equipment, supplies, forms, disposal of assets, parking, maintenance and security services
  • Conduct analyses and oversee administrative operations related to budgeting, contracting and project planning and management processes
  • Assist in preparation of operating budget and maintain inventory and budgetary controls
  • Assemble data and prepare periodic and special reports, manuals and correspondence
  • May supervise records management technicians and related staff.

ID: 2055

Active Date  2013-03-08
Job Title Office Assistant
Specialization Administrative
Salary Negotiation
Job Type Temporary to Permanent
Location Calgary, AB
Details Type and proofread correspondence, forms and other documents, Receive and forward telephone or electronic enquiries, Maintain and prepare reports from manual or electronic files, inventories, mailing lists and databases, Sort, process and verify applications, receipts and other documents, Process incoming and outgoing mail manually or electronically, Send and receive messages, Compile data, statistics and other information, Prepare invoices and bank deposits, Provide general information to clients and the public, Service office equipment and arrange for servicing in the case of major repairs, Photocopy and collate documents for distribution, mailing and filing

ID: 2054

Active Date  2013-03-06
Job Title Office Administrator
Specialization Administrative
Salary Negotiation
Job Type Temporary to Permanent
Location Calgary, AB
  • Office reception and telephone answering skills; *
  • A good general knowledge of computer packages (i.e. Word, Excel, PP, etc); *
  • Basic typing skills; *
  • Report preparation; *
  • Spreadsheets and table development; *
  • Business development – Brochures, faxes, emails; *
  • Ordering supplies & maintaining office inventory; *
  • Basic bookkeeping and filing; *
  • Sorting & opening company mail; *
  • Contacting couriers, etc. etc. etc.

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