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If you want to know the latest status of your Canadian immigration application (permanent residency, work permit, study permit, etc) or the specific reason the Canadian immigration officer refused and denied your application, Nexus can obtain this information for you under the Access to Information Act.

What Information is included in your file?

Your printable report will often include the following information:

  1. Status of your case and required or missing documents
  2. When your application will be formally assessed
  3. Immigration officer’s assessment of your case (points calculations)
  4. Immigration officer’s notes
  5. Program assistant’s notes
  6. Details of the processing stages passed
  7. Questions you may be asked in the interview (if an interview is required)

Should I Get My File?

  1. If you have been invited to attend an interview (this will help you prepare for the interview)
  2. If you feel that your application is taking much longer than usual or you have not heard anything from the visa office for a long time
  3. The date on which your application is set to be reviewed.
  4. If you have any question regarding the application or you are just curious about the status of your application

How Do I Get My File?

We can help you to access your immigration notes we require your written authorization. Please contact us by free assessment via our website.

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